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C#Mail moved to
You can get newest version of C#Mail library from HigLabo project.
This project would never update since today(2011/09/28).
We will continue to support mail library on HigLabo project.

Root namespace C#Mail library is changed from Higuchi to HigLabo.
Sorry of this breaking change....

C#Mail is a library to send or receive mail written by C#.

The basic class of Message is
1---InternetTextMessage class(RFC822)
2---MimeContent class(RFC2045-RFC2049)
3---MailAddress class( "MyName" <>)

Pop3 functionality list is ...
1---Authentication (Plain,A-Pop)
2---TCP-IP and SSL
3---Asynchronous request and response
4---All Pop3 command is represented as class
5---Retr command and Pop3Message class

Smtp functionality list is ...(sorry,some of them is under construction...)
2---TCP-IP.SLL and TLS
3---All Smtp command is represented as class

Here is a more information inside of these library.(now under constructing...)

Sorry,all comment in source code is written by Japanese.

I would like to welcome everybody to participate in development.

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