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iSAttachement true, but no data from GetAttachedContents(pop3Message)

Sep 23, 2011 at 11:56 PM

Hello, I sent to you ( two e-mails with a doubt about how to get the attachement when the parameter IsAttachement is true, but the method GetAttachedContents(pop3Message) return no list... I gave to you the Pop3 Server address, login and e-mail case you want to see the case, at the first tree e-mails have the problem.

I am processing the Pop3 e-mails and I noted that the problem sent to you before (button in this e-mail), the e-mails (From Philips customer), despite of is not showing the icon “attached” in the Web browser, when I process the message from Pop3, the Pop3Message.IsAttachment parameter is TRUE.


If I use the statement:


listContent = Pop3Message.GetAttachedContents(pop3Message); // or Pop3Message.GetAllContents(pop3Message))...


its always returns for “listContent” with Count= 0, but if I to use then following statement:


if(pop3Message.IsAttachment) {   string xml = MailParser.DecodeFromMailBody(pop3Message.BodyData, pop3Message.ContentTransferEncoding, Encoding.UTF8); ...}

Its work!!.

How could I get the message from method Pop3Message.GetXXX ??

Sep 26, 2011 at 3:16 PM

Check IsMultiPart property (or MultiPartBoundary property is empty or null) of Pop3Message class.
Pop3Message pop3Message = ...///getPop3Message from Pop3Client object.
if (pop3Message.IsAttachment == true && pop3Message.IsMultipart == false)
     String filename = pop3Message.ContentDisposition.FileName;
     String xml = pop3Message.BodyText;
     var listContents = Pop3Message.GetAttachedContents(pop3Message);
I plan to redesign this api more intuitive.
But Pop3Message and Pop3Content is different object.
Pretty nasty.
It may be no good idea to resolve this issue.

Sep 28, 2011 at 1:32 AM

I found the problem and modify library.
You can get text data BodyText property.
Check the latest version!!